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Boldly Going Where Everyone Has Gone Before

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But the funny thing about that is we (as readers/viewers) sometimes miss out on information that might have been interesting. The author didn’t think it was, but fans? Most fans will soak up content like a sponge (see: LotR extended editions, cutscenes, etc). And so we’re likely to ask ridiculous questions like “What is laundry day like at Avengers Tower?” - not because it’s important to the narrative, but because we’re curious.

Not to mention: every narrator is an unreliable narrator. Especially the ones who seem the most straightforward. Which means there are a wealth of stories not being told hiding right behind the story that is.

Which, I think, gives an inkling of the primary difference between original fic and fanfic: original fic is declarative, saying “here is the story, these are the important events and characters and aspects of the world,” while fanfic is exploratory (even when it’s got a cracking good plot).

Fanfic exists in the interstices, in the ellipses and the enjambment. Fanfiction exists in the moment before the wave function collapses. A transformative work doesn’t actually transform the original media it is based off of (because the original medium exists in a fixed state and cannot be literally changed by fans unless the canon creators allow it to be so) so much as take the essential structure of the narrative and the characters and twist it, turn it, rotate and reflect it until we’ve built a fractal around it.

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When you get to the end of a story and want to fill in all the blanks, that’s not necessarily the sign of a lack in the original. Sometimes it’s just because you don’t want to leave this amazing new world that has been created!

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can we discuss how Dick Grayson is essentually demisexual?




in Action Comics Weekly #614, Dick explicitly tells Roy that he couldn’t have a sexual relationship with someone if he didn’t have an emotional one as well.


Demisexuality is not experiencing sexual attraction until a strong emotional bond is formed. That is basically what Dick is describing here. He doesn’t do casual one-night stands, he needs to know the person first.

Like, you can tell me whatever you want about him but he is not straight. Not sexually at least

Wait, question (for people who know more about this than me): 

Is demisexuality about sexual attraction or sexual relationships? Because I can definitely look at someone and say, “Ooh, they’re sexy,” and be attracted to them. But what Dick Grayson says in the comic panel above—“I couldn’t make love to someone I didn’t really love”—that is exactly how I feel. I can be attracted to someone in a sexual way, but I am the kind of person who won’t (can’t) act on attraction unless I know I really love the person and have a strong emotional commitment to them. Like, I don’t even want to kiss anyone unless I know them really well and know that I love them. And since I didn’t even know demisexuality was a thing until coming to university, I guess I just never considered that I was anything other than sexual… or whatever the term is for people who are not demi- or a- sexual. And now I don’t know…. Can someone clear up for me what the term refers to (attraction or actual sexual actions)? 

Also, is it possible to be hetero-demi-sexual (just making a term up here, I suppose)? Like demisexual but also only attracted to people of the opposite gender? The comments above imply that demisexual and straight are mutually exclusive adjectives, which just confuses me. I guess my thinking is that maybe hetero-, homo-, bi-, pan-sexual, etc. are one type of sexuality category (genders you are attracted to) and sexual, demisexual, and asexual are another type (levels of sexual attraction). But again, this stuff is relatively new to me, and I’m not sure I totally understand. Help? 

Demisexuality is about attraction, but it’s not necessarily about thinking someone is pretty. Like, I can think someone is really attractive, but I’m not going to want to have sex with them. Like, it’s not a conscious decision (“I will not because of my morals” or “I never kiss on the first date because reasons” or whatever), it’s just I cannot even picture having sex with them in my head unless I have an emotional connection. It’s different from behavior, because you can have sex with someone without being sexually attracted to them and you can not have sex even if you really are attracted to people.

But sexuality is complicated, and I’m not 100% sure if I’m demisexual or not. I’m pretty sure I am, but it’s not a 100% thing. More like a 75% thing.

And you’re right: sexual orientation (as in who you feel sexual attraction towards) is different from levels of sexual attraction. Like, you could be demi-bi-sexual in that you have the capacity to be attracted to multiple genders, but you only experience that attraction when you have an emotional connection with that person. Or you could be heteroromantic and asexual: no sexual attraction, but the people you fall in love with are all of another gender. 

Thanks BB! This is helpful. 

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