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Boldly Going Where Everyone Has Gone Before

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I Want My Nerd HQ

It’s all for charity, too. Nobody who comes to Nerd HQ is getting paid. Every single celebrity that comes is doing it out of generosity and kindness of their heart because they believe in doing something good while interacting with their fans and it makes it something that is really beautiful and really special and everybody walks away from going ‘Wow, that was… That was really awesome. I’m really glad that I got to be a part of that.’ - Zachary Levi

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I know I reblog a lot of non-writing art/ music/ driving posts and call them writing advice, but the creative world is kind of samey that way. Mostly people get caught up in the details. The medium or the color or the timbre or the page length or the language or how to use the brake and gas at the same time to turn the car. But if you can ignore all those and figure out how to reduce everything to its broadest possible strokes, you can just sort of wander round taking over the world and stuff.

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